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Before Creation, God knew that mankind would be captured by an enemy who wanted to enforce destruction and death. God, therefore, devised a "Divine Rescue Plan" to save His people. This is known as "The Plan of Salvation", a consistent theme throughout the entire Bible. Using the Bible as his resource for truth, author Danny Shelton explores and explains the wonderful gift of salvation and how you can receive it. He also debunks some common misconceptions regarding the plan, and answers these questions and many more:

  • "What is God's plan for your life?"
  • "Can you choose your own destiny?"
  • "Once saved, are you always saved?"
  • "What is the significance of the sanctuary?"
  • "Who can be saved?"
  • "What are the 5 steps to salvation?"

The Focus on the Truth About Salvation will inspire and encourage you to discover the Bible's perspective on God's marvelous gift.


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