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What do you know about hell?

  • Is it a real place or a fictional torture chamber?
  • Are its flames burning right now?
  • Why is there confusion about the what, where, and when of hell?
  • What does the Bible say about it?
  • Could it be that most Christian churches have a distorted view of hell and God?
  • Do the answers to these questions really make a difference?

The last question is the easiest, but these questions matter a great deal. God’s reputation is at stake. Is He a loving God or a cruel torturer? The Truth About Hellfire will give you a deeper look into the true character of God, and it will clear up the misrepresentation of His character from a biblical perspective.

The Bible paints a clear picture of hell, and Danny Shelton takes you verse by verse, with an easy-to-understand, commonsense approach to Scripture. He shows how a loving God has provided a place of eternal joy and happiness for those who choose to be with Him. What about those who don’t choose God? Danny explains their fate, which is consistent with a God of love.


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