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What are the Ten Commandments?

  • Where did they come from? Are they still relevant?
  • Why were they written in stone?
  • Were the Ten Commandments nailed to the cross?
  • Are they still valid?
  • Are you a new-covenant Christian?
  • Can anyone really know Christ if they don't obey His commandments?

The answer to these questions and many more are found in this booklet. The Truth About the Ten Commandments walks you through each of God's ten "life principles," the Ten Commandments. The Bible teaches that they are a reflection of God's identity. With clarity and purpose, Danny Shelton explains the difference between the law of God, and the law of Moses. He uncovers the source of the confusion that many have regarding the interpretation of the New Testament's references to the "law." If you've ever wondered about the validity or perpetuity of the Ten Commandment law of God, this booklet is for you!


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