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Are you wondering how to respond to the growing of LGBTQ+ individuals in the Christian church?

Can the Church affirm them and still remain true to its biblical roots?

The answer lies in this booklet. "Can the Church Affirm LGBTQ+? It offers a fresh, biblically-based perspective on one of today's most pressing issues.


The booklet examines the Seventh Commandment and evaluates how it applies to our current reality. We look at both open rebellion against God's standards and the struggle of those who may have a same-sex attraction but still want to honor God's Word. It also explores Christians' responsibility in addressing this issue without "judging" the heart.

Danny Shelton offers practical insights for church's and leaders who are seeking to address the LGBTQ+ community without compromising their beliefs. This is a must read for anyone who wants to be informed and equipped to engage in the discussion regarding Church Affirmation. 

Join us as we strive  to live faithfully according to biblical truth.

Your faith journey can begin with this helpful guide!


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