• Glimpses of His Glory
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  • Glimpses of His Glory

Glimpses of His Glory - Case of 100


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Glimpses of His Glory: A Revelation of God's Character through His Names and Titles

This beautiful new book by Yvonne Shelton focuses on how God’s names and titles reveal His amazing character. Her stories of changed lives will amaze and inspire you to desire an intimate bond with God, and heat up your spiritual temperature from lukewarm to fiery!


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In this book you'll read about these people and more:

  • An entertainment writer once invited assistance from the spirit world. Later he reached out to Elohim, God the Creator, and discovered his real purpose.

  • A former hit man for a drug cartel was forever changed by El Mekaddesh, the God Who Sanctifies

  • The musician and substance abuser had unstable and empty relationships. He made a complete U-turn when El Elyon, the Most High God, intervened on his behalf.

  • The suicidal drug abuser's life was topsy-turvy until she experienced Go'El, God her Redeemer.

  • The sex addict thought that his lifestyle was indelible. When he encountered YHWH Tsidkenu, the Lord his Righteousness, he was forever changed.

Do you want a personal relationship with God? Are you interested in getting to know Him on a deeper level? Then this book is for you! With Glimpses of His Glory you will be able to:

  • Create an intimate bond with God

  • Enhance your prayer life

  • Experience a more in-depth understanding of His character through the use of His sacred titles

  • Appreciate the many ways in which He manifests Himself in your life and the lives of others

  • Heat up your spiritual temperature from lukewarm to fiery

Glimpses of His Glory is designed with your spiritual enrichment in mind. Once you read it and put the suggestions into practice, YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!


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