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Your one-time donation supports the printing and distribution of the new booklet, COVID-19 What’s Next? Every $2 donated supports the printing and mass mailing of 5 booklets. Donations will be used to mass mail the booklets in U.S. cities.

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No catastrophe in our lifetime has rocked the world like the Covid-19 pandemic. Confronted by an invisible threat, many people are wondering if this is the new normal. Will global pandemics become more frequent and severe? Why must innocent people suffer under such tragedies?

The answers lie in understanding an infection that’s been around much longer than Covid-19: the virus of sin. The Bible explains how we all contracted this deadly disease, but it also promises a cure. We can face the future with hope, even in these troubled times.

Please Note: Order quantity refers only to the quantity of the amount being donated and does not refer to the number of books. A donation amount of $100 with a quantity of 2 will cause the donation total to be $200.

Please Note: This is a donation to sponsor the books being printed and mass mailed. Books will not be mailed directly to you.


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