2013 Spring Camp Meeting DVD Set


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Showers of Blessings Enjoy powerful messages by keynote speakers Pastors Dwight Nelson and Stephen Bohr. Other features include a live seminar and Sabbath School by Dr. Magna Parks, and exciting updates about 3ABN Russia presented by Julia Outkina! This set also includes live seminars with Pastors Stephen Bohr, C. A. Murray, John Lomacang, and Shelley Quinn.

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Program List:

Welcome and Music

Near the Cross: The Eleventh Commandment – Dwight Nelson

Another Look at Thyatira – Stephen Bohr

The Joy of Investigative Judgment, Part 1– Shelley Quinn

That Woman Jezebel – Stephen Bohr

Self Control – Magna Parks False Armor – John Lomacang

Near the Cross: Till Death Do Us Part – Dwight Nelson

Bible Question Panel - Stephen Bohr, Dwight Nelson, John Lomacang, C.A. Murray, Shelley Quinn

The King, the Mother, and the Daughter – Stephen Bohr

The Word and the World – C. A. Murray

Revelation’s Apostate Trilogy – Stephen Bohr

Growth Through Trials – Magna Parks

The Joy of Investigative Judgment, Part 2– Shelley Quinn

Music Concert

Near the Cross: The Sunflower – Dwight Nelson

It Helps to Call It Sin – Magna Parks

Near the Cross: Finis—The Last Word – Dwight Nelson

Music and Ministry Updates

Music Concert

Near the Cross: The Burial and Resurrection of a Fallen Brother – Dwight Nelson

Get Ready! – John Lomacang


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