2014 Spring Camp Meeting DVD set


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The Second Coming: An In-Depth Look Is there anything more exciting to a Christian than to think and anticipate the Second Coming of Jesus? Now you can revisit the marvelous insights from the most gifted speakers as they explore this topic from so many different perspectives!

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Program List:

1. Welcome and Music – Danny Shelton, Jim Gilley and others

2. The Promise of His Coming – John Bradshaw

3. The Great Controversy and the Second Coming – Kameron DeVasher

4. No One Knows the Day or the Hour – Nathan Renner

5. Preparing for the Second Coming – John Bradshaw

6. Parable of the Ten Virgins – Shelley Quinn

7. He’s Coming When You Least Expect – Lonnie Melashenko

8. Music

9. The Manner of His Coming – Carlton Byrd

10. Signs of His Coming – John Lomacang

11. The Apparent Delay – James Rafferty

12. Close of Probation – David Shin

13. The Schools of Interpretation – Ty Gibson

14. The Time of His Coming – Kenny Shelton

15. The People He Is Coming For – Ty Gibson

16. Revival of People Who Want to Meet Jesus – Stephen Bohr

17. As the Days of Noah – Jim Gilley

18. Music & Presentation

19. The Latter Rain & The Second Coming – Walter Pearson

20. Music

21. The Parable of the Wedding Feast – C. A. Murray

22. The Remnant – Stephen Bohr

23. Matthew 24:14 Must Be Fulfilled – Lyle Albrecht


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2014 Spring Camp Meeting
The Second Coming An In-Depth Look
June 4-7, 2014
Video DVD Set
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