Why So Many Denominations?
  • Why So Many Denominations?

Why So Many Denominations?


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Join International Evangelist Mark Finley as he explores the great prophecies of the Bible revealing God’s plan for our future. Millions of people wonder where in the world are we headed? Will this world be destroyed in some nuclear holocaust?  Will global warming or some other natural disaster destroy this planet?  There is hope. The Bible’s last book Revelation reveals God’s plan for the future. 

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Program 20 - “Why So Many Denomination?” with Evangelist Mark Finley

Sooner or later everyone faces a disturbing question: why so many denominations? If Christ is supposed to bring people together, why have His followers split into so many factions? Why do so many different groups claim to be the One True Church? In this presentation–learn what the Bible says about this topic.


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