Revelation's Most Amazing Prophecy
  • Revelation's Most Amazing Prophecy

Revelation's Eternal Sign In Earth's Last Conflict


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Join International Evangelist Mark Finley as he explores the great prophecies of the Bible revealing God’s plan for our future. Millions of people wonder where in the world are we headed? Will this world be destroyed in some nuclear holocaust?  Will global warming or some other natural disaster destroy this planet?  There is hope. The Bible’s last book Revelation reveals God’s plan for the future. 

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Program 11 - “Revelation’s Eternal Sign in Earth’s Last Conflict” with Evangelist Mark Finley

In the Bible’s last book, Revelation, God is on center stage as Creator of the universe. John was caught up in vision to an amazing scene in heaven’s throne room. What he saw was so dazzling as to be almost beyond description—something you’d only see in your wildest dreams.


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Revelation's Ancient Discoveries
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