After the Storm

The recent hurricanes of Harvey and Irma have done tremendous damage like we have never seen before in America—just a couple weeks apart! Their devastation has caused billions of dollars in damage, and it will take years to rebuild. We should all be praying for those who have been hit so hard.

After Katrina hit in 2005, Pacific Press Publishing Association asked me to write a small booklet that would help people who were dealing with the effects of the physical storm—and to encourage them through the spiritual storms in their lives. I wrote a little, 16-page booklet called After the Storm.

Just last week, Pacific Press printed 200,000 of these booklets to be given away to victims of these recent hurricanes. They are available in boxes, 500 per box, to churches or groups who would be willing to pass them out as ministry outreach for their churches.

If you would like to participate in this free offer, please contact 3ABN at (618) 627-4651 for more information. Our plan is to get these into the hands of hurting people right away! Also, if you’re not able to pass out these booklets, but still want to participate, you can make a donation to 3ABN to help pay for the printing, as well.

After Katrina, over 650,000 of these booklets were ordered and passed out! We saw great results from this evangelistic effort. I’m praying the Lord will touch your heart prayerfully and financially to join us in reaching the lost and hurting!

Danny Shelton, 3ABN President & CEO

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